China hosts the First International Nuclear Astrophysics Conference

This is the first time the conference to be held in our country, marked the our country of great progress was made in nuclear astrophysics research obtained the further recognition of the international community, to expand nuclear astrophysics in China’s foreign exchange, consolidate and enhance China’s influence in the international nuclear celestial physics, attract the international first-class scholars to research and so on have important influence in our country.The conference is organized by the Institute of Atomic Energy, and co-organized by the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Sichuan University and China Center for International Science and Technology Exchange.Liu Weiping, chairman of the conference and researcher of the Institute of Atomic Energy, presided over the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech.


A total of 388 experts and scholars from 170 research institutions and 27 countries and regions participated. The professional committees selected 23 invited presentations, 62 oral presentations and 87 big-character posters.

At present, the research of nuclear astrophysics in China has formed a gratifying situation of interdisciplinary research from deep ground to ground experiment, from nuclear reaction measurement to astronomical observation, from experiment to network calculation.At the meeting, Chinese scientists will share their latest research progress on the Chinese Jinping Deep Earth Core Astrophysics Experiment Platform, Guo Shoujing Space Telescope, Lanzhou Heavy ion Accelerator, Beijing Tandem Accelerator and other large scientific facilities.Liu Weiping, a researcher at the Korea Atomic Energy Institute, will give a lecture on “Progress of the Deep Earth Core Astrophysics Experiment in Jinping”, and Guo Bing, a researcher, will give a lecture on “α group transfer reaction: A tool for understanding stellar Helium combustion”.

International conference on nuclear astrophysics is held once every two years, is the most important international conference of the field of nuclear astrophysics, invited, including Nobel Prize winner, mainly about nuclear physics, astrophysics, astronomical observation and the related international first-class scientists to cross domain, exchange the latest major achievement in the field of nuclear astrophysics,Discuss the hot issues in this field and its future development direction.

Post time: Sep-30-2021