New technology monitors nuclear waste storage

4.A wide range of applications


The history and experience of using DIC in other civil engineering structures helps guide NPL in developing and testing HAIS systems, including road and railway structures, oil and gas plants, but some measurement methods are more diverse—NPL says it even uses DIC Technology to measure the coagulation of chocolate in the production line of the factory.

Obviously, there are different options for deploying HAI, such as continuous monitoring or regular inspections, depending on the nature of the monitored object.

NPL has shown an alternative fixed camera that can intermittently measure and monitor assets belonging to the UK Environmental Agency.

NPL is also developing a DIC application to capture data on the wall of a railway tunnel while moving along the track. The latest research and development result is to use the camera in a mobile phone to perform repeatable measurements, which can be used to monitor ship waterproof walls, etc.

NPL said that both strategies are feasible, but generally speaking, for a large number of repetitive objects that require intermittent monitoring like Sellafield, it is best to use a single device that can be moved.

What are the advantages of the HAIS system?

The use of DIC is expected to improve the efficiency of the entire Sellafield company because it can detect very small changes and is much faster than using traditional manual inspection techniques.

With inspection and measurement technology enabled by HIS, on-site automation technology is used in dark environments where there is no traditional communication channel or power source, and allows the detection of signs of accidental degradation.

In addition, NPL pointed out the objective nature of measurement and the ability to record data remotely, which can be archived. After analyzing the data, different inspectors help to improve the measurement quality and eliminate subjective and systematic deviations. Save the inspector’s time.

Dr. Robert Bernard, Senior Technical Manager of Sellafield Co., Ltd. said: “Sellafield Co., Ltd. is pleased to be committed to introducing new technologies to support our mission to reduce the storage risks of special nuclear materials entrusted by the state. NPL and other scientific organizations have cooperated with We work together to ensure that we are in a leading position in deploying nuclear storage technology security.”

Post time: Dec-17-2021