Nuclear heating ushers in a “window of opportunity” for development

Nuclear energy for heat is a complex systemic effort with economic shortcomings to be filled

Economics is an essential condition for nuclear heating to be promoted industrially.

In terms of small-scale reactors, Tian Li said that according to the preliminary investment estimates and financial analysis provided by the design unit, the total investment within the plant boundary of a 400,000 kW thermal power pool-type reactor is 1.63 billion yuan, with a construction cycle of about 2-3 years and annual operating costs of about 118 million yuan after commissioning, including fuel costs of 40 million yuan.

Tian Li further pointed out that the design operating life of the pool-type pile can be up to 60 years, according to the depreciable life of 30 years, heating period of 150 days, the premise of full load operation preliminary calculation, the heat source part including fuel, equipment depreciation and labor, the pure operating cost without profit does not exceed 25 yuan / GJ, the pure fuel cost does not exceed 10 yuan / GJ. In comparison, coal-fired boilers cost around $30/gigajoule and gas-fired boilers cost around $110/gigajoule. "If the heat is supplied by the same size coal-fired boiler, the annual consumption of coal is about 400,000 tonnes, and the coal burning cost is up to 200 million yuan, using the price of 5,500 calorie power coal at 500 yuan/tonne as a reference and a heating period of 150 days/year."

For the economics of large reactor heating, a nuclear power design unit, said a large reactor long distance large temperature difference heating short-term difficult to achieve profitability, more than 60 km heating costs more than 40 yuan / gigajou, according to the current heat price profitability is difficult. "Super long-distance transmission of steam, more than 35 kilometres will be distance there is a lack of temperature to households, and steam and water relay heating need to consider the steam, heat load seasonal asynchronous problems."

Industry experts believe that the nuclear energy heat supply market is a complex and systematic exercise involving supply-side and demand-side market, technical and economic analysis and research. In-depth and detailed analysis and research on the nuclear energy heating market and its suitability will play an important role in optimising the regional energy structure, regional clean heating and zero-carbon heat supply. "Nuclear power companies are also currently calling for more policy support for the price of nuclear energy for heat."



Post time: Nov-19-2021