Heavy Duty Ground Protection Temporary Road Mats For Construction

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Hongbao  - plastic sheet
1.Material: UHMWPE,HDPE
2.Color: Black,Yellow or customized.
3.Size: Customized.
4.Logo: Yes.
5.MOQ: 1000KG
6.Samples Time: 5~7 days
7.OEM Accepted Yes.
8.Certification available: Yes. SGS;ISO9001:2008
9.PackingDetails:Pallet with strech film, customised wooden case, carton, or others as request.
10.Production Capacity: 3,00 Tons Per Month.

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Product Description2

porportion 1183 g/cm3 0.96
heat endurance(continuous) ºC 90
heat endurance(short time) ºC 110
melting point ºC 120
glass transition temperature ºC
coefficient of linear thermal expansion(23-100ºC average value) m/(m.k) 155×10-6
-(23-150°C average value) m/(m.k)
combustibility(UL94) 4589 HB
water absorption(in 23ºC water for 24hours) 62 %
negative(suck in 23ºC water) 62 % 0.01
bending tensile stress/tensile stress of broken 527 MPa 30
breaking tensile strain 527 %
tensilbe modulus of elasticity 527 MPa 900
negative 1%/2%compressive stress of nomal strain 604 MPa 3/-
pendulum impact test 179/1eU kj/m2
friction coefficient 0.3
luo’s hardness Jan-39 - 62
resistance strength 60243 kv/mm >50
volume resistance -60093 Ω×cm ≥1015
surface resistance -60093 Ω ≥1016
relative permittivity-100Hz/1MHz -60250 - 2.4/-
arc path index(CTI) -60112 -
bonding property 0
food contact +
acid resistance +
alkali resistance +
carbonated water resistance property +
aromatic compounds of aromatic compounds 0
resistance to ketones +
item test unit PE

* HONGBAO UHMWPE Ground Protection Mat is used to creat temporary access on most construction site. It helps constractors in and out of the site more economically.
* Our product features in durable, light weight and very strong, it are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surface, providing firm support base and traction for numerous construction activities, there is no weak spots to break, chip or seperate the HDPE road mat.
* Recycled polyethylene is competitive materiasl to make road mats. However, we customize road mats with brand new UHMW-PE if customer required.
* Our HDPE ground protection mat is used to creat access roads faster and safer, it can be used on soft ground, grass, swap, where there is difficult to access sites. It provide a safe road way for heavy vehicles, crane and other heave equipments.
* Our ground protection mat features in durable, light weight, very strong, it can be reused on many hobs for many years. It
providing greater strength and shear resistance the layered, there is no weak spots to break or separate. UHMWPE materiasl are excellent chemical and weather resistant.

Introduction of the HDPE Plastic Road Mat

Temporary HDPE Plastic Road Mat for Heavy Equipment is made up with the advanced technology materials – HDPE (high density polyethylene). The construction road mat is suitable for heavy goods vehicles, and it loads up to 150 tonnes. The construction road mat is applied in Outdoor Events, Event Parking, Towpaths and more. We develops and manufactures stronger, more durable, lightweight matting products. Our interlocking Construction Road mats can resist heavy impact and wear, which is durable in repeated usage. Black color interlocking Construction Road mats is many customers first choice, and the color is also custom-made.

UHMWPE ground protection road mat Advantages

1.Protects ground
2.Easy installation on uneven ground.
3.Heavy duty road mat providing temporary road ways and tough durable working areas.
4.Less costs than aluminium and wooden mats.
5.Made of long-lasting HDPE that can flex without breaking-superior to pluwood.
6.Suitable for extreme weather conditions and most ground conditions.
7.Low maintenance.
8.Extremely durable,Weather-proof and UV resistant

UHMWPE ground protection road mat Advantages

Applications of temporary road access mats for construction roadways

* Temporary Car Parks
* Landscaping companies
* Disaster relief efforts
* Drilling Contractors
* Event Companies
* Contractors
* Construction
* Stadiums
* Parks
* Staging
* Utilities
* Oil Exploration
* Road Construction
* Military Units
* Modular Office trailers and mobile homes
* Structural Movers
* Well Water Dredgers
* Anywhere access or ground protection is required


1. How much are the boards?
The price is mostly depends on sizes, thickness and order quantity. Please contact us and give us the details. we will send the offer to you within 24hrs.

2. Can I get a sample?
Yes sure, we have samples ready for customers to check the quality, our sample are in sizes of 120*240mm.

3. Are you real factory?
Yes, we are real manufacturer of UHMWPE Products, our factory located in Tangyin of China, we welcome customer from all over the world to visit us and build longer term business.

4. Is it resistant to high temperature?
Yes of course it it. our boards are UV resistant, it can be used any weather, any season.

5. What is the delivery time?
Delivery time is depends on the order quantity and product sizes. We have large stock or regular size products, if our  common size products can meet your requirements,  the delivery is about 3 days.  Other sizes uhmw sheets’ delivery time is depends on the order quantity and the process craft such as cutting, sanding and carving.

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